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The following is a collection of over 160 shoulder flashes from various Fire Departments throughout the world.
To our knowledge, this is the largest such collection on the net. As a result, it is highly graphical and may take a while to load. We suggest that you use a 56k modem or faster, otherwise, you can go for a coffee (and we hope you are not paying your ISP by the hour!)
For your convenience, they are displayed in alphabetical order, except for the first one, which is ours.
FLSH0090.JPG 5.3 K
FLSH0088.JPG 6.7 K
flsh0026.jpg 4.6 KFLSH0081.JPG 4.7 Kflsh0034.jpg 4.7 K
DublinFLSH0065.JPG 4.8 K
FLSH0071.JPG 5.1 Kflsh0003.jpg 5.3 K
flsh0037.jpg 5.4 KFLSH0063.JPG 5.4 Kflsh0032.jpg 6.3 K
flsh0039.jpg 5.8 Kflsh0041.jpg 5.9 KFLSH0099.JPG 5.4 K
flsh0045.jpg 5.6 KFLSH0082.JPG 4.7 KFLSH0080.JPG 4.7 K
flsh0017.jpg 5.2 Kflsh0044.jpg 5.2 Kflsh0002.jpg 6.0 K
FLSH0064.JPG 5.5 Kflsh0029.jpg 4.6 KFLSH0084.JPG 5.3 KFLSH0076.JPG 4.8 K
flsh0040.jpg 4.6 Kflsh0042.jpg 6.3 K
FLSH0093.JPG 4.8 K
flsh0023.jpg 5.5 Kflsh0018.jpg 4.3 K
FLSH0091.JPG 5.3 KFLSH0098.JPG 6.1 KFLSH0087.JPG 5.6 K
flsh0008.jpg 4.9 K
FLSH0092.JPG 5.4 KFLSH0049.JPG 6.6 K
flsh0019.jpg 4.9 KFLSH0075.JPG 5.4 KFLSH0048.JPG 5.3 K
FLSH0060.JPG 4.5 Kflsh0006.jpg 4.3 K
FLSH0052.JPG 5.4 KFLSH0089.JPG 5.7 K
flsh0016.jpg 4.9 KFLSH0095.JPG 5.5 KFLSH0077.JPG 4.5 K
FLSH0066.JPG 5.8 KFLSH0067.JPG 5.0 Kflsh0004.jpg 4.3 K
flsh0046.jpg 5.2 Kflsh0033.jpg 4.4 K
FLSH0061.JPG 6.1 Kflsh0012.jpg 4.9 KFLSH0054.JPG 5.3 KFLSH0086.JPG 6.2 K
Royal Air Forceflsh0015.jpg 4.9 K
flsh0043.jpg 7.2 Kflsh0020.jpg 5.4 K
FLSH0059.JPG 4.7 Kflsh0011.jpg 6.9 Kflsh0036.jpg 5.0 KFLSH0069.JPG 6.1 K
flsh0030.jpg 4.9 Kflsh0027.jpg 3.7 KFLSH0073.JPG 5.7 K
flsh0005.jpg 6.6 KFLSH0072.JPG 5.0 Kflsh0031.jpg 7.0 K
FLSH0085.JPG 5.4 Kflsh0038.jpg 4.1 Kflsh0007.jpg 4.6 K
FLSH0055.JPG 4.9 Kflsh0035.jpg 4.7 K
flsh0014.jpg 5.4 K
US NavyFLSH0068.JPG 5.3 KFLSH0094.JPG 5.5 Kflsh0013.jpg 5.7 K
FLSH0079.JPG 6.0 KFLSH0053.JPG 6.1 Kflsh0021.jpg 5.6 K
flsh0010.jpg 6.6 KFLSH0051.JPG 5.5 KFLSH0062.JPG 6.5 K
FLSH0074.JPG 5.0 Kflsh0009.jpg 4.9 K
FLSH0057.JPG 5.1 KYukon

If you have a shoulder flash from your Fire Department or you are a collector of flashes, we'd like to add them to our collection. There are several ways you can help us do this.

(1) Mail the flash to us at P.P.F.A., P.O. Box 144, Pickering, Ontario, L1V 2R2, CANADA, and we'll return it to you, or
(2) Scan it into a .gif file roughly 150x150 pixels x 16 million colours (no larger than about 20 KB) then e-mail it to our Webmaster as an attachment, or
(3) Have it scanned at a quality photo or computer shop offering this service, using the measurements above then send them by e-mail to our Webmaster or snail-mail to us.
We will return your flash(es) or floppy diskette to you. In any case, please let us know to whom the flash belongs so that we may create a link to its owner.




2008 Pickering Professional Firefighters Association